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Gogol's Values Essay

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Gogol’s Values
Every individual has their own values they follow as they are growing up. For Gogol he has gone his entire life knowing and following Indian values and being very family-oriented. When the Ganguli’s move to America and Gogol grows older American values start to take over his life and he becomes more individual. There was a major twist in the novel that rapidly changed Gogol’s personality form individuality to family-oriented. In the end the Indian values were the most significant.
Throughout the novel Gogol is affected by American values in many different ways. When Gogol came to America he changed in a big way. He became a very individual person. He didn’t act the same ...view middle of the document...

He never called them for anything. Even when Ashima called his apartment he refused to pick up the phone. He would rather go with his girlfriend Maxine and her family on vacation than get together with his own parents on the weekend. Ashima was very concerned about this because this isn’t how it is in India. She doesn’t get that her son already adapted to the American culture. In America by the time the kid is 16 years old they start to slowly move more and more independent. In America by the time a child is 16 years old they are expected to be able to live on their own and take care of themselves. “This is America. Soon as the kids turn 16, they’re gone” (Lahiri). Gogol is ready to move on with his life in America now. He wants nothing to do with India. He is completely independent.
Towards the end of the novel is when he starts to grow back more into the Indian values. It was the major turning point in the novel when his father Ashoke passed away. This changed him in a major way. His personality was transformed from independent to family-oriented. Family-oriented is more towards the Indian values. He is all about family now; he isn’t about the individual life anymore. Gogol went to his father’s apartment in Cleveland and he cried. “Im sorry, baba” (Lahiri). Gogol...

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