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As I stood at the three point line, the ball seemed to be in slowmotion. Screams from the crowd came as the ball dropped through thenet. Not only did this shot go in but it dropped through the net withsuch force that it made a sound that was heard throughout the gym. Thegym was packed and the fans were on their feet, I had just hit my firstthree pointer of my varsity basketball career. As our team set up thepress, sweat dripped from my face. I was close enough to kiss myopponent, there was no way he was going to get the ball. He shoved mebackward and he planted his foot on mine, he then pushed off and ran forthe inbounder. I fell back a few feet and sprinted towards my man. Asthe inbounder released the ball with a firm push I stuck my hand out inhopes for a steal, SNAP! As the ball was deflected towards the right myman ran and picked it up. I quickly looked down at my finger and withfear and I pain walked over to my bench. My pinkie-finger on my righthand was at a ninety degree ankle, as sweat dripped down may face Icould feel myself getting hot. My stomach seemed to drop and I wasfeeling as if I was on a roller coaster. The game had been stopped andI was brought into the coach's room. My assistant coach led me into theroom and sat me down on a wooden chair. I began to feel very cold, andmy finger began to have a shooting pain. This pain was not presentbefore and was not making itself known that there was something wrongwith.My parents entered the room, my mother carrying a face that I never hadseen before. My father with a calm collective look to him. Theassistant then began to explain that there was to deal with this, eithergo to the hospital and miss the game or deal with it right in the room.My mother stared over at my coach when he relayed this message to me andmy father seem to agree with my coach. I looked at my coach with eyesof trust and horror, and then laid my hand in his. He then took hishand and placed it over my pinkie. Which by now was swelling andextremely painful. Soon he got a firm grip and with one quick tug myfinger was now vertically correct. My coach then looked at me withbulging eyes and asked how it felt. Being the starting point guard onmy schools varsity team there was no way I was going to say that Ineeded to leave the game. With a convincing nod and a energeticresponse I was on my way back onto the court. I reentered the game andthe crowd began to applaud, I was so nervous. It was like the firsttime I had ever played basketball in front of a crowd. The game resumedand I ran down the court, my finger throbbed and I could not help butthink of it. My teammates snapped the ball quickly over to me and Icaught it. I felt like dropping the ball and running to the sidelinebut instead I got rid of the ball as soon as I could. I then proceededto run over to the sideline and with a look of pain in my eyes I let mycoach know that I needed to come out of the game. As I sat there andwatched my team lose the game I could not decide...

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