Going,Going,Gone The Franz Josef Retreat Risk And Contingency Management Class Risk Management Report

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Going, going, gone—The Franz Josef Retreat
A Strategic Crisis Management Report
I.Crisis Overview
Franz Josef glacier is a popular destination in the Southern Island of New Zealand
and one of the highlights of Magic Bus Tours and related backpacking operators.
For the adrenalin junkie, tours include a lift to the peak of the mountain, with an
option of overnight camping. Most tourist though prefers to walk or hike the
glacier, which is unsuitable for the fainted heart and those with poor physical
conditions as the climb duration last about six hours.However, the views and sense
of accomplishment, in walking in the ice is such a fulfilling reward and this thrill and
excitement is what keeps the people coming back. Thus, it was quite a
disappointment and loss to the tour operators when the Franz Josef was shut. In
2016, the government officially closed Franz Josef for public viewing and trips
permanently, due to glacier retreat also known as the rapid ice melting and
thinning. Although tourist operators was able to offer an alternative activity, such
as scenic flight (helicopter or plane), this ‘mode’ of viewing Franz Josef, reduces
logistics limitation down to 80,000 tourists a year. Moreover, this suppress tourism
opportunity for New Zealand significantly, which is currently in bloom with nearly
1million visitors flocking the famous tourist spot, for the chance to glimpse the
glaciers, while they still can. The Franz Josef retreat is still an ongoing crisis, moving
at a glacial pace, allowing tour operators to continue utilising limited, safe and
accessible areas whilst its neighbouring glacier, Fox Glacier is fully operational
albeit suffering similar retreat.
II.Scenario Analysis—SOS in Crisis
Glacier tourism like other sector in tourism industry are often susceptible to
uncertain and unavoidable impacts of natural and man-made disasters including
climate change. Thus, utilising a timely crisis response is pivotal. A local and
regional crisis communication handbook developed by Tourism Victoria suggests
‘worldwide and local experience shows that the absence of an effective, tourism-
focused communications response in the immediate and short term following a
crisis or incident can be devastating to local businesses, towns and
regions’.Therefore, the lack of crisis management plan and efforts can affect,
delay, disrupt the destination’s ability to further ‘attract visitors and generate
economic activity’( ND,p.1). In this report, glacier retreat, recession or thinning of
ice is identified as a crisis, as described in the same crisis communication
handbook—a ‘serious event, perceived or real, that disrupts normal tourism
activities and impacts negatively on a region’s desirability as a tourist destination in
Risk and Contingency Management By: Quijoy, Krisma M. !1
the immediate to short term’.Thus, highlighting climate change, glacier tourism
and hazards, controlled risk and public perceptions as the factors...

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