Going Green Means Saving Green Essay

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My fellow resident's, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to listen to what I have to say regarding the issue over energy that is being argued in Washington as we speak. The energy crisis is something that we as a community can over look and not do nothing about, or we can take the proactive approach to the ever so worsening issue. Some of you may be asking yourselves, "Why do I care about this issue, I will be gone before it gets worse?" Fellow citizens, I urge each of you to take a deep look inside yourselves, and ask the proper question; what about my children, grandchildren and the future generations to come for the next thousand of years? Let our generation be the one's that did not think of only ourselves, but let us be known for thinking of the future generations to come. When our great grandchildren think about are generation they should look at us in admiration of a generation that had resilience and the fortitude and were not afraid to make the sacrifice to make the changes necessary to accomplish what ever was needed to ensure our the generations to come had emphasis on the need of going green and the benefits that go along with those changes.The challenges of managing nonrenewable energy resources such as natural gas are simple. We will eventually run out of natural gas, and yes my friends it is inevitable it is not a question of "if" it is a question of "when"? Even if you do not believe in the debate over green house gases and that is not even the real issue at stake. We must find different ways of conserving our energy...

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