Going Into New Territory Essay

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First Captain Johnny Smith carried his football from when he threw the game winning Super Bowl touchdown from his senior year. It had no real value, but he kept it in a plastic bag in his large duffel bag under his low bed. In the evening, when he was all alone, he would take it out and look at it, remembering that momentous night. The football was old and made of rubber, and it had scratches on it, but the scratches to Johnny were marvelous because the scratches reminded him of all of the good times he had in high school, and he carried these thoughts with himself all the time. He would remember the green turf behind his high school, he would remember the crowds, and most of all he would remember his girlfriend Mary. Mary, a junior in high school, broke up with Johnny before he left for college because she didn’t think a long distance relationship would work, at least this was her excuse, but Johnny still loved her and wished she would love him back. At midnight he would feel restless and put the football back into the plastic bag, then into the duffel bag, and finally he would put the wrapped ball under his bed for secure keeping.
The things the group of friend carried to college were immensely determined by necessity. Among the essential items were textbooks, laptops, printers, Paper Mate lead mechanical pens, pencils, paper, T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, jeans, khakis, corduroy, polos, sweaters, sweatshirts, Dockers, and Nikes. These items weighed between 30-40 pounds, depending on a mans usage. Bob, who was a scholarly man, carried extra books; he was especially fond of biology textbooks. Joe, who loved being stylish, carried extra pairs of Jordans. Peter carried paint brushes, crayons, colored pencils, and canvases. Michael, who was homesick, carried pictures of his family,including all of his three brothers, four sisters and parents, until he was killed in a car accident.
What they carried was partly based on the subjects in which they were majoring.
Johnny was an athlete so he had to carry extra pairs of Reebok shoes and a change of Reebok running clothes to wear. He also brought Old Spice deodorant for his fellow teammates.
Bob, who was majoring biology...

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