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Going Off Grid For The Sake Of Privacy

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The American government spies on American citizens every day. Brand new information, right? Orwell's novel, 1984, did not warn us at all about the reach some governments may hold over, well, everything. This spying may even include the technology companies that people use for their cellular phone plans. But, proven recently by the Edward Snowden leaks in the British newspaper, The Guardian, the National Security Agency of the United States in fact spies on their own citizens and nations the US supposedly holds in high esteem (Greenwald & MacAskill, 2013). Many Americans may feel little effect on their lives because they have nothing to hide. However, the idea of the United States government invading their own citizens' privacy without warrants for the sake of finding terrorists feels very wrong and downright creepy (Greenwald & Bell, 2013). So, if the United States' government wants our information, regardless of the consequences, let us make gathering that information hard for them. Starting the process of going off grid and removing all aspects of your life from the internet, family, and businesses only requires a few simple steps.
The first step, get rid of that cell phone. Just bought the new iPhone? Tough luck because the government specifically targeted Apple's systems for surveillance using a top-secret program called PRISM (Greenwald & MacAskill, 2013). The same goes for other technology companies like Google and Verizon. The possibility of gaining any semblance of privacy relies on getting rid of that cell phone. Sure, mom might get a flat tire on the highway and she cannot contact you for a ride or help. Who cares? Privacy holds way more importance than mom being stuck on I-95. Also, why is she calling? Does she not have AAA? A cell phone gives too much away about a person and keeping a cell phone proves too risky.
The next step, get rid of that bank account. Ever see any detective shows? Some of those police departments only deal with finance. Now, I am not suggesting once off the grid crime sprees will be a major part of one's life, but it proves a point. The NSA willingly spies on the International Monetary Fund and World Bank (Hosenball, 2013). What stops them from invading the privacy of one's own bank accounts. The government can follow the money quite easily, especially if that bank account remains intact. Now, where will all of that money taken from the bank account go? The cliché of under the mattress seems obvious, but maybe, a more creative option exists. Find a place deep in a forest, a desert, or even channel that inner pirate and put the money in a decorative chest and bury the chest on an island. Also, get a decent lock on the chest...

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