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Going Out To Spend Time With People In The Deaf Community

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Early Sunday morning I woke up to go to the first location for my deaf community experience. I had made sure not to go out the night before, so I would be alert and on time. The place I had chosen to go to was the Christian Stronghold Baptist Church. The 8:30am service had an interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing. My drive started a little late, I didn't get on the road until almost 8:15. I had Map Quested the church, but hadn't looked over the directions in advance. The church ended up being not so far from the Philadelphia Zoo, an area I am not so familiar with. I ended up getting lost, just driving in and out of little side roads. A woman was parking her car on the side of a street; I pulled up beside her and asked if she knew where the church was. She answered "I think I'll go to church today to, good idea". So I followed her and finally found my destination.Working as a stylist, and going to school, my week is very full. Sunday is one of my days off from everything. This is why I had chosen to go to a church. I Map Quested a few of the churches that were on the handout, in Philadelphia, and the Stronghold Baptist church came up as the least miles away from my house.I arrived at the church and was a little overwhelmed. I was attending a 40th anniversary sermon, with a guest speaker. There must have been over 300 people in the congregation that day. The service had already begun; people were singing and dancing in the pews, along with the choir. I looked up front to the left and saw the interpreter on stage, went up to the front and sat in the left hand side so I could see her. There was no area marked off for the deaf, people just sat wherever they wanted.The sermon started and I watched the interpreter. She was so full of life. She...

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