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Going The Distance Essay

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“ I will find my way, if I can be strong, I know every mile, will be worth my while, When I go the distance” In the movie Disney’s Hercules, Hercules, a former god and a current demi-god, tries to find his true role in society and discover his true identity. After living with humans for 18 years, oblivious to the fact that he belongs among the Gods of Olympus, Hercules realizes a difference between him and his peers and leaves his human parents to find his true role in society and during this process, he gains independence, he drastically helps society and he experiences personal growth. These three philosophies of life have shaped my life and I constantly live life with these values in ...view middle of the document...

This¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ is a huge problem in today’s society, especially for teenagers. Teenagers shape themselves based on what other people think and other people’s expectations. They do this because of peer pressure and they are afraid of what their friends might think. They then base their image and their beliefs on what their friends believe and when they grow up, they are all the same. We then end up with a conformist society.
Independence is an important quality. Those who are independent are able to think for themselves and are capable of surviving. Most people go with the flow and do not question their current state or role. One cannot attain independence easily. One must first accept or believe that they are different from those around them. They must then proudly demonstrate or express their differences and beliefs to those around them, therefore breaking out of the conformist society. The third step requires them to go on a quest to search for their true place and purpose in society. Additionally, once one finds their true place in society, they must use it to benefit society and help those around them. Otherwise, they will waste their lives on meaningless goals and tasks.
“I need your help. I want to become a hero. A true hero.” In Hercules, once Hercules figures out his true identity and discovers purpose in society, he uses his new role to help citizens in their difficult situations. A hero isn’t a being with superpowers or magical skills but a person who gives back to the community, helps those around him and does not have selfish beliefs. For example, firefighters, policemen, and any person that does anything out of the kindness of there heart and to help society is a hero. Being generous and helping society are some of most important philosophies of life. What is the point in one living life if they do not leave a legacy or leave an impression on society? One’s sole purpose in life should be to make the world they live in better. If one lives only for themselves, they will not make an impact on society and society will not improve for future generations. Additionally, if no one is doing anything to benefit society, then society will never advance and will be stuck in an endless rut. That is one of the problems in today’s society. Everyone only lives life for themselves and extremely selfish beliefs; therefore society does not progress as a whole. Examples of helping the community would be to help in community homes or soup kitchens or donations. I have many friends who tell me that they would never step foot in a community home or soup kitchen. I try to persuade them to go to these places and help the community and better the world in which we live, but they resist because they only care about themselves.
Another example of people resisting helping the community is during the Potluck Orchestra concert. My family and I went to this concert and brought food as well, however, my mother noticed several people who did not bring any food...

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