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Going To Get Gassy: A Biblical Look At Climate Change

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As a member of the National Rural Electric Company I am presenting to you the idea of cutting off the carbon dioxide limitations is not the brightest of decisions. It will change the world as we know it.
Over the past few years record-breaking and extreme weather events including sweltering summers, super-storms, wildfires and shrinking icecaps, alongside the acidifying of the oceans has been the topic of discussion. In Missouri this winter we have seen more snow, extreme freezing temperatures, and then day’s later 60 degree weather just to start over again. Who or what is responsible for these record breaking events and climate changes?
Scientists such as Richard Heede would like to persuade you to believe through his research in Tracing anthropogenic carbon dioxide and methane emissions to fossil fuel and cement producers (greenhouse gas producers)it is all the fault of cumulative emissions dating back to the Industrial Revolution. If you read his research, you will find the word “estimate” or “estimated” used throughout when referring to the emissions.
Exactly why are global warming advocates so concerned about fossil fuel burning and CO2 emissions? We have to keep in mind most global warming advocates are evolutionists who do not believe in creationism. God, in the Bible, has provided much more than a lack of creation care concepts as an explanation to global warming. While the Bible does not use the verbiage “global warming” it does provide a framework to evaluate the global warming claims.
In Genesis 1:1 we are told God created the heavens and the earth at which point the atmosphere could have been created, but definitely by Day 2 the atmosphere was created when he separated the water which was below the expanse from that which was above the expanse. The expanse had to be the atmosphere, as described by science. When God created the plants they did not immediately die, but flourished and science has proven plants cannot continue their existence if they do not have CO 2. Further proof is provided when God states on Day 5 the birds of the air flew in the expanse, again referring to the atmosphere as defined by science. Thus; the atmosphere was CREATED, it did not evolve.
According to science, water run-off from the earth (receding water) into the ocean and seas is warmer than the water which falls in the form of rain. What about Noah and the Flood in Genesis? I learned from years of Sunday school class and Bible study it rained for 40 days and nights, but the flood was not over after 40 days; it took over a year for the ark doors to be opened, why? God had Noah to wait until the flood waters receded and the land was ready to support life. Where did the flood waters recede to? Science tells us into the oceans and seas. There was a lot of water to recede from the earth’s...

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