Attending High School Essay

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High School

Do you remember your high school days? High school

for me has proved to be a learning experience and also a

challenge. There are many lessons that can be learned.

You can learn more about yourself, who your friends are,

what kind of help is offered to you, and what your

strengths and your weaknesses are. Attending

High School helped build my confidence because my

classmates were supportive, my teachers taught me how to

study for tests, and the math tutors helped me overcome

my fear of math.

My classmates were supportive in many ways. I used

to attend study groups for the subjects that I was

struggling in. In these meetings with each other,we

would study our notes and review the chapters that we

would be tested on. My classmates would also tutor one

another in subjects that they were strong in and others

were weak in. My classmates would even talk and try to

comfort me when I was having personal problems and

help me get my priorities straight that took place

outside of school. So without my classmates, I do not think

I would have been able to get through my high school years.

Also my teachers played a big role in teaching me how

to study for tests. Most students would wait until the last

minute to study and try to cram all the information on a

test in one night. But my teachers stressed that studying

a little bit at a time would be the best way to go about

learning the material. Another way they tried to provoke

studying would be by telling us to study in a group.

This method worked, but the method...

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