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Going Against The Flo Essay

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Living in America, we have a need to be constantly “on-the-go” while glued to a piece of technology, and worrying about the future. We worry about what it holds, the aspects we cannot control, and how the choices we make or do not make could affect it. According to Donald Marquis in his paper “Why Abortion is Immoral,” he argues killing a fetus is wrong because it deprives it of a “FLO,” or a future like ours. Robbing someone of this is the worst kind of loss a person could inflict on another, and it is determined killing is “prima facie wrong.” However, Marquis assumes futures are the same and generalizes fetuses in the U.S. have a certain kind of future and assumes this future to all. Futures of fetuses may not be just like ours, but are very different and are value specific to the individual. Abortion is prima facie wrong, but is incorrect it is also a sufficient condition to show abortion is "seriously morally wrong” in most cases because futures are value specific to the individual
Marquis’s overall argument is abortion is seriously morally wrong because it involves killing. He states this is wrong because it robs a human of a natural property, which is a “future like ours,” or a FLO. It “deprives one of all experiences, activities, projects, and enjoyments that would otherwise have constituted one’s future.” Killing someone is wrong because it inflicts a great loss on the victim. He states describing this as a loss of life can be misleading because a change in a biological state does not make killing wrong, it is the effect of the killing, making one lose all of the experiences which would otherwise have been possible. The activities are valuable and are the means to something else, like a potential life, which would make it valuable. He then comes to the conclusion since fetuses have the same future we do, and it is wrong to deprive us of our futures, it is therefore wrong to kill fetuses and robbing them of a value. Marquis defines how a natural property will explain the impermissibility of a killing only if the explanation with our intuitions about the matter and if there is no other natural property to provide the basis for a better explanation of the wrongness of the killing. We see killing as one of the worst possible crimes because it deprives the victim of more than any other crime, which is the current and future value. However, he does then justify not all those have a FLO, and therefore would not be wrong. For example, if there is someone who wants to die or if one is ill, they will not have suffered a loss. He next explains is what makes killing wrong is the discontinuation of experience for the victim; properly called, the discontinuation account. He also shows the desire account, which is killing interferes with fulfillment of strong and fundamental desire. The example he uses to defend these accounts is to object fetuses cannot value their future, therefore they are not valuable. However, when a person is suicidal they may...

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