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Going Up In La Essay

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Kevin Rivera

Per.3 English


L.A. The City

A blunt boy, named Angel, walks the asphalt of the city of Los Angeles on a Monday morning. As Angel starts to commence the streets, he passes by Romaine and Western. Angel is but any other slick person just trying to survive the hard and stressful street life of L.A. Little do people know that he is smart kid with a lot of heart. To this extent he is judged by what he wears; when it comes to a wardrobe collection, Angel's is filled with baggy black sweaters and regular blue jeans. He likes to sport the bald look so he has a head as shiny as a car's smooth and gleaming hood. He has the hands of an orangutan, using them for sports like basketball. He approached Lemon Grove Park, which is filled with artificial rocks, installed fluorescent grass, and paved cookie-dough looking tracks for the elderly and kids to ponder. Angel headed for the basketball courts.

Angel arrives at the courts and meets up with his friend Kyle for a small one-on-one pick up game. It was a nice day in L.A. with the sun shinning and a mix of cold and warm breezes. The two are going at it real smoothly feeling like kids who have just received a new ball; they caress the ball and make shots after shots. Just when it all seems good BOOM! A "gang banger" drives by in a pearl white 1957 Chevy Deville. The bulked up gang banger started shouting out vulgar words and "throwing up" gang signs, when least expected, he takes out a shot gun. Who floors the pedal to...

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