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Goku Is A Better Super Hero Than Superman

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There have been many great made up superheroes, and one of the least mentioned is a hero by the name of Goku. Many people believe that Goku may just be one of the greatest super heroes that will ever exist, however he still is not very well known superhero such as Superman.Goku is a part of an alien race called saiyans, and is the main fictional character created by Akira Toriyama for the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT series. Compared to Superman Goku is a better super hero, because he is both faster and stronger, he has faced far greater threats, and he has a better personality.
First of all, Goku is both faster and stronger than Superman. Goku can move at the speed of light instantly teleporting from planet to planet. Not only is he able to move very fast his punches and kicks are so very fast. Viewers can’t even tell how many punches he has thrown! Know that I have seen Superman, and yes, he is fast. However, even though Superman is faster than a speeding bullet. A speeding bullet compares nothing to traveling at the speed of light! Superman’s punches are even slow and sluggish. Not only is Goku fast, but also incredibly strong. Goku can train in over 100x times the gravity of Earth and has been known to send his enemies flying halfway across the Earth in one punch. Yes, Superman is very strong and can punch people through walls. However it’s mainly only just one wall compared to a punch that sends someone half way across the earth.
Secondly, Goku has fought and defeated far more powerful enemies than Superman has. For instance, one of Goku’s earliest and weakest enemies Frieza can blow up an entire planet with one finger, Yet, Superman could barely handle an eye beam from one of his enemiesDarkseid, and it could not even break throw a brick! Goku has even survived an attack from another enemy by the name of Ginyu that forced him switches bodies to where Goku had to fight his own body and his own powers in a different body. Superman has never seen an enemy with such powers to switch bodies, let alone an enemy who could travel at the speed of light and blow up an entire planet and themselves; just to come back and blow up another planet and literally blow up an entire solar system in a matter of minutes. Maybe Superman’s foes could blow up an entire city, but one of Goku’s earliest...

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