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Gold Planning Advantages Essay

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Gold panning is one of the oldest methods used for recovering gold known to mankind. Gold panning can be used as a prospecting method in itself or can be used in connection with other prospecting methods. For this reason, gold panning is probably the most popular method of gold recovery in use today by recreational gold prospectors.

A gold pan can be used to recover gold in one of two ways:
Wet panning;
Dry panning.
Of the two panning methods, wet panning is the easiest to learn and allows for greater gold recovery than dry panning. Because of this, wet gold panning is far more popular than dry panning.


Gold panning is easy to learn.
Gold pans are ...view middle of the document...

In recent years, higher technology metal detectors have been developed specifically for use in gold prospecting. These detectors are commonly referred to as “gold detectors” or “nugget-shooters”. Thus, the term “nugget-shooting” is often used synonymously with gold detecting.

Today’s state-of-the-art gold detectors are capable of detecting very small pieces of gold (about the size of a pinhead); making “nugget-shooting” an increasingly popular gold prospecting activity.


Gold detecting can be accomplished in varying weather conditions.
Gold detectors can locate larger pieces of gold scattered over a vast area faster than other conventional prospecting methods.
Gold detectors can be used to find objects other than gold; such as coins, jewelry, and other valuable ferrous artifacts.

In most cases, gold detecting requires a good deal of patience and persistence.
Although gold detectors can detect very small pieces of gold, they cannot be used to reliably recover all gold (such as microscopic or flour gold) from a given area.
Proper use of a gold detector can take more time to master than other prospecting methods.
As with any piece of electronic equipment, gold detectors can be somewhat fragile and must be treated with a certain amount of care.
Almost without exception, gold detecting will yield far more ferrous trash (such as old nails, hot-rocks, bullet fragments and other metallic trash) than gold.

Drywashing iis a form of recovering gold with out the use of water. It ‘s a manual method to remove gold from dry dirt. This form of gold prospecting was first appeared among gold prospectors in the early 20′s. Today, gold drywashing has become the most common type of prospecting in desert aeras when water is hard to come by of even imposable to get at all
Two types of drywasher s have been developed. There are other types but most are one of these two types:
bellows drywasher;
blower -drywasher /vibrostatic
Bellows dyr-washers are mostly hand operated by hand, but can be used with electric crank
Vibrostatic drywashers are powered, by a blower hooked to a gas .

DRYWASHER pieces breakdown
here are 4 main pieces of drywashers:
The hopper;
the riffle tray;
a method for compressing or blowing air;
the frame.
On the topmost of a drywasher is the...

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