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Golden Age Of Piracy History Essay

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During the Golden Age of Piracy, pirates were viewed as common criminals and terrorized the world’s seas. This time period was marked as a time when sea travel was unsafe and limited for everyone. Not all pirates were ex-sailors or men; there were several famous female pirates, like Anne Bonny and Mary Read. These women were two of the most feared female pirates. All pirates had their own customs and every group followed their own pirate’s code. Pirates such as Bartholomew Roberts, Kidd, Low and Blackbeard are some of the most feared names known to man. These were also the names of some of the most famous pirates that dominated the seas during the 1600s and 1700s. Pirates all had their way of life, but also had similar customs and a recognized pirate’s code in common.
 The life of a pirate was an aggressive and hectic life. Pirates sailed seas and oceans around the world, there was no specific area for pirates. However, the most popular places for pirates were common seas like the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Each pirate has their own way to how they began their piracy ways. Unless they were born into piracy, piracy was a voluntary calling and path of life. Large numbers of men chose this way of life because piracy “directly challenged the ways of the society from which they excepted themselves”(Ellms, Charles). Before turning to piracy, most pirates had previously been sailors, privateers, or merchant seamen. In agreement with principles of commonness of kind, it makes sense that groups of pirates, even those on different ships, should feel some sense of society for each other. After all, they became pirates for many of the same reasons (i.e. to escape oppressive sea merchant or navy lives). One way for groups with a common cause to survive and succeed is for such groups to work together and develop connections. Connections among pirate crews have been recorded. Pirates usually did not go after other pirate groups. As a result, pirates developed their awareness of kind that was shared on a greater scale. For example, “they showed a recurrent willingness to join forces at sea and in port” (Ellms, Charles). Not all pirates would get along all the time; however, each pirate group had their alliances that would watch for each other.
Pirates also all had their common pirate appearance to fit into their pirate role. All pirates seemed to have their own pirate appearance. For example, Blackbeard was considered to be the most ruthless pirate of all time. He gained this reputation in part because of his physical appearance, his crew, and his captives, and his infamously brutal death. First of all, Blackbeard's appearance was enough to frighten the bravest of men. His beard was grizzly and black in a time that most men did not have beards. His hair was long and braided into pigtails, some of which were swept behind his ears, while others were tied with brightly colored ribbons (Ellms, Charles). This shows that a way that pirates would scare their...

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