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Ever since I was a little girl, I have always marveled over Hollywood glamour. Perhaps I developed this passion for extravagance because the media portrayed glamour as intangibly wonderful. As a young adult now, I haven’t fully grown out of this phase of attraction for luxury. I transitioned from playing with Barbie dolls to watching reality television shows where women were practically dolls. Television in general has had a big influence on society and our growing admiration for luxury. When I was given the opportunity to further expand my knowledge on any bridge of my choice, it was obvious to me which would be the most fascinating to study; of course I chose the most glamorous bridge. I remember as a kid watching Full House the television sitcom, and I remember the opening of the show was a recording of a beautifully manmade masterpiece, the most alluring bridge of all. The bridge was a warm red-orange color and it hovered over the waters which swam only two hundred and fifty feet below. It was the epitome of Hollywood glamour, and this is why I chose to study the Golden Gate Bridge.
The idea of opening a bridge over the Golden Gate Strait had been long dreamed for by the people of San Francisco since the 1830s. The purpose of building the bridge along the Golden Gate Strait would be to connect the lightly populated town of the south known as San Francisco at the time with the advanced and more heavily populated city of the north know as Marin County. Small towns were separated from the prestigious city by the Golden Gate Sea and therefore transportation to and from the city would be a hassle without the help of some kind of vehicle passageway. The main purpose of the investment of the Golden Gate Bridge was to make the recreation areas of Marin County more easily accessible by those who lived on the other side of the Golden Gate Sea. Meanwhile the Bay Bridge was also under construction for similar purposes. Although the predominant reason why a plethora of bridges were built around the Bay area was for the obvious necessity to ease transportation, the circumstances brought by the great depression further raised the importance of the necessity of the construction of these bridges, since it would serve to open...

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