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The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge, which was first proposed in 1872, is a suspension bridge located on the Golden Gate Strait connecting San Francisco Peninsula and the Southern end of Marin County. The 8981 feet long suspension bridge, has a main span of 4200 feet and height of 746 feet above the water. It was the longest bridge in the world until the year 1964, which was the opening of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, located in New York City. (Golden Gate Bridge) Joseph Baermann Strauss, who was born on 9th January 1870 in Cincinnati, Ohio, was the head behind the idea of Golden Gate Bridge. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati at 1892 and passed away a year after completing the Golden Gate Bridge in 1938, which he described as a “mighty task.” (Strauss) Strauss’ fascination in bridges came as a result of a hospital stay after being injured during his football tryout. From his room, he could see the Cincinnati-Covington Bridge, which then inspired him to become a bridge engineer. Besides him, there were a few people who helped him in the process of planning and constructing the bridge, such as Charles Alton Ellis and Irving Morrow. They worked cooperatively to build the bridge that would be grand in appearance but also able to withstand the physical environment. Irving Morrow, who was in charge of the design, decided to create a bridge with Art Deco style, which is a type of design known for its geometric patterns, bright colors, and beautiful, curving surfaces. However, Ellis was not recognized for his work when the bridge opened in 1937. As of May 10, 2007, he was finally given the recognition as his part in the designing process of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Carl) Simultaneously, both before and during the construction of the bridge, there were numerous difficulties encountered by Joseph Strauss, such as court rulings and rapidly running tides. The history of the construction, legislation, and fiscal matters to establish the bridge is very significant. With its symbolic shape, design, and innovative idea to connect the city of San Francisco to Marine County has presented the integrity of the structure and the meaning of it to its environment.
The Golden Gate Bridge, whose construction took place from January 5, 1933, until April 19, 1937, is now known as the symbol of San Francisco and a well-known place of interest in the United States. The original bridge consisted of 600,000 rivets in each of its tower, which was each 746 feet tall, not until it became corroded and replaced with galvanized high-strength bolts. (McCarthy) On each of its towers, there are enormous cables, which consist of thousands of strands of wire, which connects them to one another. It was mostly made of fabricated steel that was manufactured by the company called Bethlehem Steel in plants located in Trenton, New Jersey and Maryland. After being manufactured, it was then loaded into sections with rail cars and taken to Philadelphia to be shipped to San...

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