Golden Slumbers Essay Is About Vargas Llosa's Book Aunt Julia And The Scriptwriter. Essay Incorporates Historical Information As Well As Biographical.

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Peru is broken down into different classes of people and Indians are not very high on the social hierarchy. They live mostly in the highlands of Peru and are employed by the Mestizo people as servants and laborers. The Indians are hard working and are far from dumb. They often learn Spanish and adopt different cultural ways. However, many people mistake the Indians for being stupid because of their low social rank. But how many of the Mestizo people could probably raise livestock successfully: not too many. Often times, people are labeled according to their station. If they be poor, they are treated accordingly, such as the rich are richly. And if a poor Indian is standing before a wealthy Mestizo, the wealthy man would be oblivious to the horrible situations that the Indian is forced to endure on a daily basis. In Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, Vargas Llosa uses his characters to show that the upper class of Peru remains oblivious to the problems that the lower class suffers. Every other chapter of Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter deals with a soap opera that is written by Camacho, a famous writer of Peru, in which upper class people are oblivious to the disturbing situations involving poor people. In the first soap opera, a woman gets married. It is discovered however that she is pregnant and the father to the baby was not the man whom she was getting married. In a strict Catholic country, such as Peru, this would come as quite a shock. However, the doctor who knew of the pregnant woman announces to the husband that his wife is pregnant. This man knew what would happen upon telling the groom that his wife was pregnant, however he went on and relayed the information anyway out of sheer stupidity. "It was at that moment that the first hint of the awful truth dawned on Dr. Quinteros, as swift and as deadly as a rattlesnake bite" (Vargas Llosa 35). The doctor was a very wealthy man who was so fed up with his own agenda that he destroyed a young woman's life. This girl depended on her marriage, such as many of the Peruvian women do. Peru is a country in which women are not put on pedestals. The Peruvian outlook on women has indeed changed since the fifties when the book was written, however women still depended on their marriages to see them through financially for jobs are for females are limited. When the doctor tells the groom of the baby, it's obvious that this man would most likely divorce the woman and go along with his life. For the girl, this would be a tragic event because her good name would be ruined and much of her respect lost. In the second and third soap operas, a different part of the Peruvian society explored: the corrupt judicial system in which poor people do not get the same treatment as people of a higher class. Much of the politics of these stories are drawn from Vargas Llosa's life. Similar to the main character in the story, Vargas Llosa went to school studying law in Peru, which is how he came to learn...

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