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Golf And The Sencondary Discourse Essay

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Playing golf encompasses many ups and downs, excitement and frustration, and an abundance of fun when things go right. Golf is a game with so many different emotions that constantly change and play with countless minds in menacing ways. Motivation is the key to success, brought by successful moments that cause excitement. Those moments keep me returning to the course, continuing to make mistakes, but always learning more about the puzzling language. Over several years, I have been able to learn the secondary Discourse of golf by learning about the golf swing, learning terminology, principles of the sport, and through my experiences.
When I started playing golf around age twelve, I was uncertain about the technicalities of the game or any of the rules that are involved. It took a long time for me to understand the nuances of golf because of the challenges it presents. It started with learning about the golf swing and the fundamentals. Sports are usually reactionary, but golf is very different because the ball is stationary, so a good shot requires proper body movements to ensure consistency. In fact, golf instructor Roberto Borgatti describes the swing as “Much more like dancing…that really involves your entire body in a coordinated effort, combining grace and power” (5). I did not think about it like that when I first started playing golf, but it makes a lot more sense now that I understand the swing. I started to notice that the swing is like a pendulum, where a constant back and forward motion leads to the best result that has a nice tempo, or rhythm. I learned that having this pendulum motion, commonly referred to as a swing plane, is pertinent to consistent play. It is about repetition and muscle memory in order to reduce too many thoughts when playing. Once a golfer starts thinking about their swing too much, natural mobility is restricted and bad habits can occur which ultimately translates to frustration and bad play. To limit this, I learned about the parts of the swing through instruction so if I hit a bad shot, I knew what I did wrong in the swing. I had to learn the parts of the swing in order to be able to do understand the imperfections in my swing, and it involves many parts.
A good golf swing starts with proper setup, which begins with a simple bend from the hips towards the ball, which provides a strong base. It is imperative to have a strong, solid swing and “This ultimately results in your achieving maximum efficiency and power” (Borgatti 12). Then it is simply a matter of lining the feet up with the target of interest. Then there is the priority of having a proper grip that I had to learn. “With a proper grip, the golf club will sit stably in your hands with minimum effort or pressure. A tense, tight grip will impede proper hand movement through the swing” (Borgatti 16). One of the easiest ways to think about it is the way professional golfer Sam Snead once said it, “Hold the club as if you had a small bird in your hand”...

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