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The History Of Golf Essay

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“Golf is the fastest growing competitive sport in the United States today” (Fossum 87). This game is rapidly growing in the United States, but is also a expensive game to play. Today, it is a $25 billion business in the United States. (Dobrian). Golf is a game of dedication and patience that has a interesting history. There are three main parts when it comes to the history of golf and how it came about. The creator of golf along with its origin, the advancement in equipment over the years, and the first golfers and courses are all major things in the history of the game.
There are many places around the world that claim the creation of golf, but there are no records of who actually created it. Golf has the records of first being placed in Scotland during the fourteenth century (Fossum 84). During the fourteenth century, Scotland could’ve been the creators, but there are many little games that were like golf that were played. Scottish Shepard’s played the closest thing to golf that people know of, the Shepard’s hit pebbles into crude holes in the ground with their crooks (Fossum). This little game transformed into a game that everyone would want to play and love. “In 1440 golf’s popularity began to spread. King James IV of Scotland became alarmed when he discovered that some of the Scottish people were spending more time practicing golf than archery. It was during this period that bows and arrows were used in warfare” (Fossum 84). King James IV banned the game of golf in Scotland, until people found out the king himself had been playing golf. This ban for golf would now be ignored (Fossum 84). Golf became just as popular as archery now. Scotland and Holland both had some of the same ideas that came together to create the game but France had a little different look at it.
The French played a game that is similar to how we play golf today, but they played the game with a different edge. The French identify their game that they placed on ice as golf; this game is represented in early Dutch paintings (SV;SV) (Fossum 84). These games were played by the French, Scottish, and Holland’s all have one main thing in common that we know of today, equipment.
The main piece of equipment that is used in the game of golf is the club. When the first clubs were maid, they were crafted from iron. The iron face brought problems to the game though; the ball would get destroyed to easily when struck with the iron face. To fix this problem they had to use wood club faces until a tougher ball was constructed (Fossum). With the invention of different balls the shaft need a little work. Hickory shafts would replace ash shafts that were not very strong and made the club flimsy during swinging (Fossum). Clubs around the world are becoming better and better with time around the world.
Countries around the world were making clubs for people to buy but the United States didn’t have any until 1888. John G. Reid, a Scotsman known as “Father of American Golf”, created...

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