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Many great golf players use golf psychology to help them win major tournaments. They knew they were very talented, but needed to score a little bit better and become more consistent to achieve an elite level. Buying more expensive equipment was not the secret and neither was practicing to the point of sheer exhaustion. It has to do with the proven scientific discipline of psychology and changing your way of thinking. It helps you over come the pressure associated with tournament play and coping with a constant barrage of questions from fans and the media. It only takes a short time to change your thinking so you can start winning.
When my golf game was not improving regardless of how much I practiced, I decided to use one of the golf psychology programs I had seen advertised on the Internet. It is amazing how each minute detail is broken down and analyzed. Swinging the golf club is broken down to individual motions and what your mindset should be at each moment during the swing. I was a little skeptical at first, but the step by step instructions really make sense, and I can see where my weaknesses are in the way I am thinking about golf. I will be improving by leaps and bounds in no time at all.
I complained so much about my golf game that my wife bought me a golf psychology book for my birthday. I figured I would give it a shot, because after all, it couldn't hurt. According to the book, I have subconsciously imposed limits on myself that prevents success. There are tests and quizzes to help me identify the mental barriers and irrational beliefs that keep me from winning. Through mental exercises and meditation I was able to overcome these unhealthy mental blocks and start playing some of the best golf of my life. When I enter the club tournament next week I expect to win.
I had a 9 handicap, so I turned to golf psychology tapes to help me get over the hurdle and lose those extra strokes. First of all, I was not preparing myself mentally before playing, and I kept losing focus throughout the game. I practiced the mend bending techniques presented and hoped I could use them in play. I was also not maximizing my practice sessions to the fullest potential. As I develop more confidence, I will improve my game and quit dwelling on the bad shots. Fretting about one missed shot can ruin an entire game of golf, and I was guilty of doing this.
It took a golf psychology book to teach me how to improve my own thinking which would lead to improving my golf game. When things start going terribly wrong on the course, you should never ever get depressed and down on yourself. You need to develop a mental image that envisions things going right. This imagery has much more power than you might think. It is along the same lines as the power of positive thinking which is a popular yet truthful catch phrase, especially on the golf course. Almost every...

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