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The concept of value might have a broader field in various aspects, such as economics, marketing, sociology and so on. As a future social worker that this paper would focus on analyzing the value within the social aspect, meanwhile, I would utilize my personal experiences to explore the personal value, which was inspired from conflict.

According to Corey, Corey & Callan (2011), the definition of value is more like moral concept, which could refer to standards of personal judgments of what is right or important in their lives. Besides, as social workers that we would share our thoughts, beliefs and values with our clients, which means our personal values might impact on the clients’ (p.79-81). People hold different values or opinions when they are standing in the different positions. Hence, during the sharing values or beliefs might occur disagreement or conflict between counselors and clients, employee and employer or organization. However, the disagreement or conflict might not only stand for negative issues. As my personal experience, my personal value was inspired by the big conflict with my ex-boss.

Although my previous job has not any relevant social work that I obtained my personal value from the conflict. My position was manager assistant and working in a famous Hong Kong restaurant in Sydney CBD, and has a good payment from the job. The Hong Kong boss owns this restaurant and usually very nice to customs. However, the conflict totally changed my mind to continue to work there. It’s a very cold day of July in last year and we have a special visitor to walk into our restaurant, which is a homeless person and only wore a thin T-shirt and pants. He walked to the counter and stand in front of me to ask me that if possible to get a little food to him and some hot water. In fact, there is a little food left after our lunchtime. Hence, I thought it was not a problem if we share our food to give few to him, but for respecting that I still need to get permission from the boss. Unfortunately, my boss denied my requirement and even asked me to let him leave the restaurant as soon as possible, which was because homeless person stands in...

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