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Good Bye To All That Essay

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Good-Bye To All ThatWorld War One was a very tragic time with a lot of hardship and tragedy. It was a military conflict that went on from 1914 to 1918. When it started it was a local European war between two countries and then transformed into a big war between many countries with millions of people involved fighting for their country. In his book Good-Bye To All That, Robert Graves speaks about his experience in world war one and the many things that came along with it. He tells us all about his experience in order to give us a better understanding of the time and the events.There are many different things that have been altered because of the breakout of war. One of these things was the rights of women. When war broke out, many men had to leave their jobs in order to report to war to serve their country. This meant that the jobs would not be done to their fullest and there would be a decline of goods produced. People were very afraid of food shortage during this time. In 1917 German ships had prevented British supply ships from getting in so this created even more panic. There was also class segregation with the decline of food. The rich people were able to obtain food from the Black Market, and the poor were suffering. This is where the women stepped in, there were about 30,000 women who had signed up for the 'Women's Land Army' in order to fill the vacancy left by the men. They worked as hard as they could in order to produce as much food as physically possible. Women also began to work in factories. Many factory owners did not like this idea because they were scared that they would not give the jobs up when the men returned. Sure enough there was an act passes which said the women had to give up their jobs when the men returned home. The women turned out to be able to complete the jobs as well as men and sometimes-even better.The war also continued to segregate people by class. Although they were in a time of hardship, the people continued to look down upon others due to their wealth and power. The rich people were able to obtain more food than the poor people and didn't think to share it, but instead kept it for themselves while the poor people basically starved. It was the same way among the troops. The middle class troops would look down upon the working class troops. They thought they were better than them although they were all in the same place fighting for the same thing. As the introduction states "despised as he was by many middle-class officers, who thought him a bounder, and a cad.." After the war, not much changed between the people. The segregation of classes remained the same. Much like it is in the United States today. There are certain parts where the rich people live and certain parts where the poor people live. People thought that a monarchy was no good and wanted to do away with it.Another problem with the war was that many of the men entering the war were young and inexperienced. As men began to die they needed more and...

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