"Good Comedies Always Touch On Troubling Themes And Envisage Darker Ends Than Are Finally Delivered." To What Extent Is This True Of Twelfth Night?

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'Good comedies always touch on troubling themes and envisage darker ends than are finally delivered.'To what extent is this true of Twelfth Night?It would be hard to argue that the central theme of Twelfth Night is not simply love and its fulfilment and to subsequently view the play as a set of comic capers which lead to this, or simply 'a ripe love comedy with a happy ending'#. The reader/audience is taken on a romp through a make believe land where no one is as they seem and where intrigue and disguise abound. As the fool Feste tells us: '.....Nothing that is so is so.'# To argue against the plays intrinsic frivolity and light heartedness would at the outset seem problematic.Although Twelfth Night is set in the invented land of Illyria, it is not blatantly set in a land of magic and spells (like the wood outside Athens in A Midsummer Night's Dream). Instead of giving us fanciful fairies, Shakespeare gives us almost fanciful personalities, rooted in about the same amount of reality as Titania or Oberon.'If music be the food of love, play on,Give me excess of it: that, surfeiting,The appetite may sicken, and so die....'From his opening lines, Orsino seems more in love with the idea of love itself than with a particular person. This seems further reinforced by noting that he does not mention the object of his love Olivia until line 19 of his speech. On meeting Olivia, we also discover that she is not quite what she has been made out to be. We have been told that:'The element itself, till seven years hence,Shall not behold her face at ample view;But like a cloistress she will veiled walk,And water once a day her chamber roundWith eye-offending brine:...' (I.i.25-29)As this is in respect of her dead brother, we imagine a woman in deep mourning and stricken by grief. However, after meeting Viola/Cesario for the first time, this image is shattered by Olivia already telling of her feelings towards the boy:'Methinks I feel this youth's perfectionsWith an invisible and subtle stealthTo creep in at mine eyes...'Following this, Olivia begins the intrigue with Malvolio, Cesario and the ring which Olivia says that Cesario has dropped. The first act of the play is still running and already her deep misery is seen to lift dramatically. The introduction for both Olivia and Orsino would seem to touch on two troubling themes - being love sick and being grief stricken - but the characteristics which these emotions should embody are denied before any chance can be made to take them seriously.At first glance, the characters contained within the subplot of Twelfth Night could be construed as equally as superficial as Orsino and Olivia, Sir Toby being a roaring drunk, Sir Andrew a buffoon Maria so willing to participate in mischief and Feste playing the fool. However, although their faults are more openly worn on their sleeves, it soon becomes clear that they occupy a world more rooted in reality, where decisions actually incur consequences. Sir Toby Belch lives in...

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1773 words - 7 pages resolved and goes back to normal and they all live happily. The audience see this as the final closing point to all the stories come to a close, and is the end of the play. So to conclude, self-deceit and deception do take park in the play Twelfth Night a lot, and become main themes. I don't think that the play would be very good without these themes because they are what make the play good and hold it together.

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