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Good Governance And Administrative Reforms Essay

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The connotation “Good governance” has been used within the international community and it has acquired the characteristics of a “container concept”, incorporating too much principles. Good governance is an indefinable term used in international development literature in describing how the public institutions should conduct public affairs and manage public resources that are at its disposal. The running of administration according to the defined laws intended to achieve the objective of promoting the welfare of the citizens at large in a democratic oriented order is known as Good Governance. The exercising of authority in accordance with the established laws is Good Governance and it guarantees safety as well as security of human beings by creating an atmosphere that is conducive to progress and prosperity of the nation at large.

The term good governance has larger connotation than the mere administrative reforms in the conventional sense of the term since it covers more ground and substance than administrative reforms that are implemented in a nation. Good governance as a principle of governance has much to do with the ethical grounding of governance and evaluation of good governance should be done with reference to specific norms and objectives as may be laid down by the government. Good governance, as a principle of governance is applicable to all branches of government such as the executive, legislature and judiciary including all institutions within the nation such as the media, the private sector, the corporate sector, and the Civil Society Organisations. Among other things, good governance is participatory, transparent and accountable as to decision-making related to government policies, and effective and equitable and promotes the rule of law as to the implementation of such government policies. The political, social and economic priorities based on broad consensus in society are ensured by good governance and the hues and cries of the poorest and the most vulnerable citizens are heard in decision-making over the allocation of development resources and in the formulation of government policies.

Salient Features of Good Governance

Good governance has nine major salient features viz., participation, consensus oriented, accountability, transparency, responsiveness, strategic vision, effectiveness and efficiency, equity and inclusiveness, and rule of law. Good governance should be responsive to the present and future needs of the nation or any organization and should exercises prudence in setting of policy and making of the decisions that suits for the best interests of all citizens and any stakeholders within the nation.

1. Rule of Law

In order to have Good governance in the governance of any nation, the prime requirement is that fair...

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