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Good Guys And Bad Guys Essay

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Image this, your job is to help dying people, then you're forced to send them back across the Border . Are you "good" or "bad"?  What about if you are being paid to bring illegal immigrants over the Border , then halfway it's too hard to bear so you are forced to abandon them. Are you "good" or "bad"?  Now imagine you live in Mexico and the economy is completely shot, in desperation to help your family you illegal cross the American Border .  Are you "good" or "bad"?  Immigration policy has been a topic of profound debate throughout the American political system for many years.  Like all arguments there are different sides and beliefs on who the “good guys” are and who the “bad guys” are.  Luis Alberto Urrea’s book The Devil’s Highway describes the journey of the Yuma-14, immigrants who illegally crossed the Border in 2001 through the Arizona desert; also know as the devils highway.  Urrea presents different perspectives on who the “good guys” and “bad guys” are in illegal immigration.  The many groups in The Devils Highway support and complicate the debate about illegal immigration.  There are not always clear “good guys” and “bad guys” but I have concurred who they are.  There are clear “good guys” in the Border Control and clear “bad guys” in the Coyote gangs.  Then there are also those who could go either way, good or bad, those people would be the illegal immigrants themselves.
In the novel the Border Control are seen to have a bad reputation. All throughout the west stories are told about the patrol officers. They are said to beat, handcuff, break ribs, use tear gas, rape and tie up illegals once they find them. All of these things are just accusations there is no real truth to them. These stories and rumors are passed from town to town along the border. It is thought that the rumors are continuously told just to keep people from trying to illegally cross and to scare them. The bad reputation the Border Patrol is known for is far from the truth. The Border Patrol officers are actually the “good guys” in illegal immigration.
The Border Patrol officers are people just like everyone else. They get up every morning and go to work.  Just like it is a firefighter’s job to stop fires “it was the Border Patrol’s job to apprehend lawbreakers, it was equally their duty to save the lost and dying” (Urrea 18).  The officers did just that for the Yuma-14.  When the remaining living men who were lost in the desert saw Agent Mike F., he was happy to give them water and immediately called for help. “The Border Control sped there so fast, with so many vehicles, over such terrain, that they suffered twenty-six flat tires.  Some agents drove on the rims to get there” (Urrea 172).  The Border Control wanted to help these people risking unsafe driving conditions to help them.  They were not the “enemy” and were not “out to get them”.  They helped them which is what makes them the “good guys”.  
Also The illegals would sometimes be offered a deal....

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