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There are a lot of sources of information which provide readings in many mass mediums such as books, encyclopedias, newspapers, brochures and many more. In line with the advanced progress of technology, readings also could be done digitally on computer screen. Up to date, electronic books or much simpler to be known as Ebooks are preferable in search of wide range of information. Referring to Viloria, (2008) “Ebooks are form of texts, pictures, video and even audio comprised into an electronic file. For instance, a document typed in Microsoft Word is one of the examples of an ebook” (p.1) They are extant in different formats for example PDF, PDA and EXE-compiled HTML format. This type of on-screen documents increasingly used because of their vast vantages compared to conventional printed textbooks. This essay which entitled “The Positive Impacts of Ebooks” explicates several impacts, which means strong effects of electronic books towards various issues.

First and foremost, electronic books bring a promising impacts towards environment since they reduce the needs of trees for the purpose of printing. According to the site “Environmental Science & Technology,” (2008) “ Reducing paper use does more than save trees. Pulp and paper mills are also a major source of pollution. The reason that pulp and paper mills are contributing to pollution is because they release harmful gases to atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide and particulates, which cause global warming, acid rain, smog and what worst to human, is respiratory problems.”(p.4242-4245) Scientifically, paper bleached with chlorine release dioxin, a carcinogenic substance. It is always a good idea to save the environment by recycling. But another things to be consider are the pollution that comes from the factories that are recycling the old papers. Black, contaminated smoke are released to the air without filtering them first. Plus, all the goliath trucks that collect recycled trash from residential areas to factories emit tons of poisonous gases.

Secondly, the advanced technology especially internet facility is used by public as well as the development of software and applications by the companies which manufacture electronic books. In term of user, people will tend to find sources of information from ebook rather than searching for suitable references from thousands of books in a library. User can search any references from wide titles of ebooks available on net just by clicking, and no need to spend long time searching books which are already borrowed by others, manually in library. Electronic book brings lots of benefits for people in term of its practicality. It is very space saving as it does not need any shelf. There are multiple ways of keeping ebooks. User can save them in a compact disc which approximately able to store around 500 ebooks or by using a portable devices such as a pen drive. Another way of keeping electronic books is...

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