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A mother is most commonly defined as a woman who has raised a child or given birth to a child, but what makes one a good mother? Some people believe that a good mother never has a dirty home, always has a four course meal at dinner time, and never gets frustrated or angry. Some mothers can juggle it all, a clean house every day, delicious dinners every evening, and maybe even never having a meltdown. With working or single mothers those tasks can be challenging, and just because a mother can accomplish such everyday tasks does not necessarily make her a good mother. How a mother deals with the everyday stresses of motherhood, how she provides unconditional love, and how she supports her ...view middle of the document...

She provides emotional support for her child, providing an unlimited amount of hugs and kisses, whether on scrapes and bruises, or for no reason at all. She knows what and how to comfort her child, and she knows exactly what to say and when to say it. She provides encouraging phrases like, “I love you”, “I’m so proud of you”, and “you are so special”. She builds their self-esteem up and makes sure they know how important they are to her. A good mother makes her child feel worthy and she tells them how much she loves them and believes in their abilities. A good mother makes herself approachable and is always there with listening ears. Whether her child is sharing exciting news or is troubled with something, she lets her child know that they always have someone they can trust and rely on when faced with difficult situations. A good mother is and will always be there for her kids to help them in any way that she can. If her child is having trouble at school or needs help dealing with a death of another parent, she finds the best way to explain things to her children and ensures her kids that they will always have her to come to and she will always be there.
It is very important for a mother to be a good role model for her child, because children learn by example. A good mother takes this role very seriously, because she knows she is her child’s greatest example to learn from. She thinks twice about how her behavior affects her child. Being an adult and especially a mother can be a challenging task. Sometimes a mother can lose her temper, but it is important for children to see their parent deal with stressful situations in a healthy and proper way. If your child sees you dealing with anger inappropriately, he or she will likely handle it the same way. A good mother apologizes when she loses her temper and admits when she is wrong. She shows her children that they need to be responsible for their actions...

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