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In Good Night and Good Luck, director George Clooney follows the conflict between outspoken television journalist Edward R. Murrow and anti-communist Senator Joseph McCarthy during the hard times of the Red Scare. Murrow uses his television show to expose McCarthy’s fallacious arguments, while providing his own opinion on the matter. He begins by defending former Air Force pilot Milo Radulovich as not being the Communist agent McCarthy charges him to be. Due to his radical messages against McCarthy, advertisers begin pulling their advertisements. Thus Good Night and Good Luck was placed at an undesired time slot on Sunday afternoons, and allotted five last episodes. The conflict between Murrow and McCarthy is so deep that due to his outspoken messages against a politician, the program eventually becomes subject to cancellation. Although his arguments are controversial for that time, Murrow shows courage while exposing McCarthy’s fallacious arguments, by displaying how McCarthy is making false accusations towards Radulovich.
Murrow is correct to show that McCarthy’s argument against the rules of evidence is fallacious; the fact that McCarthy feels certification is not needed reveals just how weak his overall argument is. As McCarthy continues to generate claims without facts, his argument becomes weak. This is revealed as McCarthy accuses Radulovich of
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being a Communist, with the only source being a report on how his father reads a Serbian newspaper. (Clooney) Without genuine evidence from a credible source, an argument is as good as a blatant claim. McCarthy’s “evidence” is in fact unsubstantiated in itself. Therefore, his accusations contain no basis, and lack the foundation needed to provide solid and substantial proof. McCarthy furthers this stream of illogical thinking as he makes more accusations, such as of Murrow being a communist. The only variable evidence that McCarthy possesses for this claim is the knowledge that Murrow has been a member of the leftist union Industrial Workers of the World, which Murrow denies. (Clooney) This meager piece of evidence lacks enough substance to make a bold claim labeling a pioneering journalist such as Murrow into Communism territory. Though he may have been a member of this union, accusing Murrow of being a Communist solely due to his membership is very narrow-minded. The fact of the matter is that McCarthy continuously fails to attest genuine testimony as to why he makes accusations again and again.
Even though he may seem outspoken in his...

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