Good Night And Good Luck, Directed By George Clooney

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The 1950s are said to have been some of the most prosperous times in American history. It is completely reasonable if one looks at our current economic state, the “50s” was a more lucrative time for Americans however our safety was not as secure. “The Red Scare,” a time that everyone knows as a time when a war with Russia was likely and security measures were as serious, if not more, than today’s antiterrorist initiatives. Through Good Night and Good Luck audiences are able to view today’s issues through past events, and the music involved in the film plays a prevalent part in how the story is told. Dianne Reeves sings most of the songs in the film and has a decidedly soothing and “50s” style voice that contributes to the form of the scenes that her songs take place in. The film starts off with “TV is the Thing This Year” and continues throughout the movie with “I’ve Got My Eyes on You” as well as “How High the Moon.” Each of these songs has some sort of significance in the film that assists in fashioning the mood behind the scene and a feel of the real 1950s.
Good Night and Good Luck starts of with Edward Murrow (Strathairn) giving a speech in front of, who the audience finds out to be, his friends and colleagues. Then the audience is hurled back to the early 1950s where Edward Murrow begins his assault on Joseph McCarthy. This first scene has Natalie (Borstein) and Millie (Abdoo), two secretaries for CBS, walking into the news studio with the song “TV is the Thing This Year” (Reeves) blasting in the background, while information regarding the search for communists is being presented. While the film is all in black and white this open scene with the upbeat music to compliment it give the feel of prosperity, which proves to be short lived. The lyrics to the song give the audience the facts that the actors will not be giving them, meaning the fact that “radio is out of date” and is being replaced by this great entity known as television. In the 1950s black and white televisions were a big hit, and due to the economic prosperity everyone could afford to buy one, thus replacing radio (an equivalent to todays internet). While informative in how television will overpower radio the song also tells the audience that television will be a key element in this movie and basis for how the CBS crew accomplishes their goals concerning McCarthy.
“I’ve Got My Eyes on You” (Reeves), without a doubt a common thought going through the minds of many Americans, and courageous people of...

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