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"Good Night, And Good Luck" Essay

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Good Night, and Good Luck takes place during the early days of broadcastjournalism in the 1950s. Edward R. Murrow and his extremely dedicated staff,headed by his co-producer Fred Friendly and reporter Joseph Wershba in the CBSnewsroom. Murrow and his staff defy corporate pressures, and discredit the tacticsused by Junior Senator for Wisconsin Joe McCarty during McCarthy's crusade todiscover communists within the United States Government. Senator McCarthywent as far as accusing innocent people of being communists."Good Night, and Good Luck" uses an authentic look at America's history toproduce a powerful statement in which democracy was almost lost trying toprevent communism. Some of the things that made the film look authentic werethe accurate use of 1950s clothing, set design, and the props in the film. It was alsofilmed in 1950s black and white style.It seemed as if Senator McCarthy got so wrapped up in stoppingcommunism he started going overboard with his crusades to move forward fromcommunism. At one point in the movie a black woman, Annie Lee Ross whoworked at the Pentagon was called before Senator McCarthy and his committee.An FBI undercover operator testified Ross was a member of the communistparty. Ross denied the allegations and demanded to see the proof, which SenatorMcCarthy could not provide. It was at that particular point in the movie thatSenator McCarthy's colleges and supporters started to question his judgment onthe matter of communism and how to go about uncovering the true communists inthe United States. This incident started McCarthy's catastrophic whirl wind of hisown demise in the senate.Edward Murrow first defends Milo Radulovicyh, who was discharged fromthe United States Air Force because his father subscribed to a Serbian newspaper.An extremely public feud develops when Senator McCarthy responds by accusingthe anchor of being a communist. Murrow and the CBS crew fight back to provethat Senator McCarthy was going too far when it came to communism. Theyhelped prove how he was accusing innocent people of being communists. He evenaccused Edward Murrow of being a communist at one point in time. The wordsthat had been thrown back and fourth by Murrow and McCarthy about each other'sfaults wouldprove to be historic and monumental.In one particular scene, Murrow responded to these lies by setting therecord straight on his program about what a liar Senator McCarthy was. Murrowsaid he was not a member of the IWW and had never applied for a membership.Harold Lasky had dedicated a book to him but not because they believed the sameway. It was because of Murrow's reporting on a war, a fact made plain in thededication. Murrow pointed out how excessive and unrealistic Senator McCarthyhad become when it came to communism.It seemed as if anyone who disagreed with Senator McCarthy and his viewpoints would...

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