Positive Or Negative Effects On Violent Entertainment On Youth

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Video games have become one of the world’s largest hobbies. Many choose to love them and others have quiet of an obsession. Since the 70’s, video games have become popular in entertainment and a fixture of 21st century childhood. The theme and idea expressed in popular video games is commonly violence. Many studies have issued that the violence used as entertainment in video games causes younger children to be more aggressive and violent. Violent video games act as a form of violence, but do not cause the violence to occur. Moreover, violent video games cause young children to be associated with a higher visuospatial cognition (visual perception), effects the brain development, along with media violence influencing a child to act violent and have aggressive behavior.
Video game violence has become a highly politicized issue for the public due to the rising concerns that there is a high risk in aggression in violent video games. There have been several debates of video game promoting negative effects to the youth. The overall negative and positive influences in violent video games suggest to aggressions and visuospatial cognition (visual perception) in order to understand the development of an adolescent. However, many debates promote positive developments on youth such as visuospatial cognition (visual perception). In a Meta-analysis 1 (The Bad), video games have included a wide range of aggressions leading to behavioral, cognitive, and physiological prosocial measures (Ferguson). This study showed that there was a variance in violent video games and it used latters to determine the distinct of violence exposure and aggression. Although, the results indicated that there was only a 2% overlap in variance between the violent video games and aggressive behavior, the relationship between the two dropped to an r+=0.04 (r+= is the effect size estimate in this study) with a confidence interval that crosses zero (Ferguson). It concluded that this meta-analysis result did not support the relationship between violent video game and aggressive behavior.
In contrast, another meta-analysis (The Good) conducted on the impact on visuospatial cognition (visual perception) indicated that there was a 24% overlap in variance that was 10 times the effect seen for aggression! The bias relationship between the bad and good meta-analysis remains at a robust of r+=0.36 (r+= is the effect size estimate in this study) and the dependent variables (involved in actual aggressive behavior) presented a 13% overlap variance (Ferguson). The results from analyses supported that violent video games have a higher risk on the body for visuospatial cognition than aggression behavior.
Multiple studies have been ongoing that violence in video games causes a young child to be violent in the future, but media violence partakes a huge influence. Media violence can cause a young child to participate in a school shooting, bullying or be violent towards...

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