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Good People Are The Key To Successful Organizations

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The basic key in human resource is people. They are considered as the main component in each and every organization. Human resource role is to maintain an effective financial resources to the organization. Beside, directing, planning, organizing and controlling to achieve goals which an organization set to reach the target .
The main aim of each organization is to keep performing well every year. High performance can be only reached by choosing the right person in the right place at the same time. However, the person need many things to perform well. So, the human resource department will be there to ensure all the needed of the staff to keep them satisfied and performing well. The human resource department has to offer motivation, training, good work environment, and all needed equipments and machines of work to all people who they recruiting in order to valued and rewarded them for their work and achievement which they provide to the organization, and supporting them to develop the organization and increasing their competence and skills.
Human resource management is the process of recruiting, selecting, developing, utilizing, compensating, and motivating staff of the organization to satisfy them. Hr concerned with "managing people in organizations as effectively as possible for the good of employees, the company, and society" (schuler, 1998, p27).

Literature review:
"human resource management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the procurement, development, resources to the end that individual and societal objectives are accomplished." (Edwin b. Flippo).
Thinkers hint with the aim of “it isn't technology, however the art of human and humane-management” which's the continue challenge for executives among 21st century (Drucker, Dyson, Handy, Saffo, & Senge, 1997). In the same way, smith and kelly (1997) trust that “future economic and strategic advantage can rest with the organizations that will attract, develop and retain a diverse group of the best and the brightest human talent in the market place very effectively” (p. 200).

Overall, firms need to balance the resources available to the firm to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and to achieve the desired results of profitability and survival. Porter (1990) in discussing how to gain a competitive advantage in the global market noted that, management of the human resources is the most significant of the three. The thought of treating human resources as a way of gaining a competitive advantage in each the domestic and also the world marketplace has been echoed by alternative authors.
Nowadays business environment keep changing everyday which make a big challenges to all human resources managers. The ultimate aim of the all organization is to be successes in the market and to gain money to the organization. However, the organization has to deal with the changing which is done around the business environment by considering the...

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