Good Quality Of Life Essay

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Good Quality of Life

Investigating the hypothesis that suggests:

"All of the residents of Stevenage New Town have been provided with an
equally good quality of life."


The aim of my study is to investigate the following hypothesis:

"All of the residents of Stevenage New Town have been provided with an
equally good quality of life."

I intend to prove or disprove this statement as objectively as
possibly to complete my assignment. To do this I will have to acquire
sufficient evidence to achieve an overall understanding of the present
circumstances of the town. To do this we went to Stevenage to study
for ourselves the town on which our project was based. We developed
questionnaires, which we put to the residents, since they have a first
hand experience of living in the town and could offer an informed view
of the area they lived in.

We also visited several different locations in order to collect data.
These included various residential neighbourhoods, the new town
center, the new central leisure complex, the old town centre, and the
retail park popularly known as 'Roaring Meg', which is along side the
industrial zone. In each area we recorded how the land had been used,
i.e. what type of shops were found there, low-order goods or high-
order goods. We will use this data to assess the success of Stevenage;
taking into consideration the aims the New Town planners had initially
hoped for (see chapter 1). We will use such aspects as the standard of
housing, shopping, job opportunities, communicationsand other
facilities and services, thus enabling us to evaluate the outlook with
an impartial point of view.

We tried to find out if

Stevenage is situated to the north of London and south east of Saffron

Chapter 1

Stevenage remained, on the whole, unchanged until after the Second
World War. Plans for expansion had been expected before the war. In
1944, Professor Abercrombie's Greater London Plan suggested a ring of
'satellite', or new towns were to be built, to relieve London's
post-war housing problems. The problems were caused by several

* London's high-density population created almost unbearable amounts
of pollution,

* The congestion also made the journey to work difficult,

* House prices were extremely high,

* The congested and run down housing was unpleasant for the residents
and many lived in substandard living conditions,

* Schools were overcrowded and few had playgrounds or fields for the

* No place for children to play,

* Nowhere for Dogs to be worked,

* Poor amenities.

The hope was that new towns would provide homes, work and recreation
for their people within a self-contained community.

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