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Good Sports Equal Aggressive Men? Essay

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In sporting activity participation and televised sports, there is a noticeable difference between male and female interest and involvement. In the article Center of Attention: The Gender of Sports Media Michael A. Messner discusses the issues that involve all aspects of sports strictly being a man’s affair. Messner expresses ideas that men are not only the forefront of sports participation, but sports media as well. A point is made in the article about the leaders in sports being those who are the most aggressive. This point is the reasoning behind why men are the superior figures in sports. The aggressiveness of men causes there to be more interest into male sporting activity which makes men a dominant figure in sports.
Messner uses the idea “Aggressive players get the prize; nice guys finish last” (480). The athletes who show the most aggression, are more likely to be acknowledged than those viewed as being weak or soft. Aggressiveness has been associated with toughness and physicality as if one balances the others. To be considered aggressive in professional sports means to not be afraid to get physical with opposing players, having a very large competitive streak, assertiveness, and being fearless. No matter how many times it is denied, men are the ones who are the most aggressive. There is a natural factor that falls into the aggression of men, that there is a shortage of in women.
Societal influence has the most affect on the differences of men and women. Men being superior in not only sports but all aspects of live hadn’t just one day been set in stone as Messner makes it out to be. He doesn’t include the reasoning necessary to explain how sports became male dominant. The article Becoming Members of society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender says that the two gender types are thought to share a lot of similar human abilities but are separated what is appropriate for each gender (Devor 428). Messner is discussing sports as an activity appropriate for men. Men have socially been believed to be the tough, threatening, strong protector and provider while women are thought to be helpless caretakers that are dependent on a man. In sporting terms, men are the star players while women are the sideline cheerleaders.
Even within sports, there is a separation between which specific sports are appropriate for men and what are appropriate for women. Women friendly sports are seen to include competitive cheerleading and gymnastics just as football and wrestling is appropriate for men. Even though it appears, a member performing a sport seeming to be appropriate for the opposite sex will be ridiculed.
Women are perfectly capable of participating in sports but they are unable to receive the same response as male sports. Women don’t have the natural athleticism that men biologically have. Also instead of biologically being aggressive women are more expressive through emotion. Even with these minor setbacks, women can still be involved in...

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