Good Things Never Last Essay

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Biographies are easy to write. You always know what will happen. The only hard part is to give it a voice. To make it come alive to the reader. To make it sound human and not written by some machine. The other hard part is to figure out where to begin.I guess my story began during 7th grade. Going to a normal school as a normal kid. Well sort of. I started school earlier than most kid's in my grade and so I was the youngest. Because of that I never thought I'd had a girlfriend till I got a job or something. But, amazingly enough I grew so tall that I might as well be a high school student. Then I met this girl. She seemed nice. Liked the thing's I liked. You know, videogames, music, beating up the preps and anyone else that pissed us off, and all the other stuff kids do. Anyway, I started to really like her and I guess she started to like me too because halfway through the school year. My friend Drake, who was friends with Emily and danced with her at the 6th grade dances, told me to ask her out. Then somehow, almost the entire school found out that we liked each other and were always bugging me to ask her out. We never went out really till summer vacation though.During the summer, we saw a few movies and I went over to her house a few times to play videogames. When school started we were actually kind of happy. I was going to miss sleeping late though. This dude that I had 6th grade math with at my old school went to my new school during 8th grade. My friends at my old school didn't really like him because he was a biter (someone who copy's the cool dudes). So we called him Hogay, because his real name is Jose.Before the story goes on too much further, I'd just like to say that I'm not really the nicest guy in the world. I never really have been nice. Each grade I've done something that would piss just about anyone off.A few days before the first dance of the school year, some girl comes up to me and asks me if I liked some other girl. The girl had a funny name and I made a joke out of it. That girl stopped bugging me so I could finish my homework I didn't do the night before. (Come to think of it, I should really be doing my project instead of typing this, oh well) .On that same day, I checked my email. My girlfriend sent me one of those chain letters that say that if you don't pass it on, you will have bad luck. I don't believe in them so I deleted it from my account.During the dance Hogay asked if he could dance with my...

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