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Good To Great Essay

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Good to Great
Good to great seems sometimes like the same thing, but in reality they are different with some differences being fine line to very broad line. While making my way through this book I learned key factors of which I never thought of or even some I have thought of, but haven’t had the chance to try and happy to learn they do work. I had a class once that was very similar to this book at my old college and it reminded me very much of it minus the numerous studies and facts, in fact I believe the teacher owned the book. I took from this book things that will keep me on my toes more often and looking at things in different light.
I first want to start with the Hedgehog concept, ...view middle of the document...

I learned to be self-motivated and to find the “right people” who are also self-motivated and disciplined. I believe if I pursue something in the natural health and medical area I need to find something that sets myself apart and take that leap, while remembering that no one thing I take from this book, studies, or from anything else can make something just happen instantaneous as mentioned in chapter 8, it takes planning and time to transform it just doesn’t happen overnight.
Next I want to cover something that I need to work more on in understanding to have a “great” business. That would be the understanding of culture and balance. Having a same belief system in what your businesses is all about, finding balance in the people you hire, to the type of discipline appropriate for your business and so forth. The reason I am including this is that this is something I learned and can be useful especially in a future business endeavor. I need to understand how to have culture, what is appropriate discipline, what is the right people for this business, not just qualified, but are they a fit to the culture, are they a fit overall? Finding what is an ideal balance without a clue about the business, brings up many questions the book could not directly answer, however did push me in the right direction, encouraged me to do more research and gave me basic guidelines to use in any business. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but learning how to use them to be great altogether while being a unified group and business takes some know how.
Leadership and management were next on my list of things I could use. I as being a manager in my current line of work, know how much work and coordination goes into work just to make a single shift run smoothly there are routines and rhythms to learn as well as rules and people you work with and how to work with them. The biggest thing I took from leadership was to remember you are not alone and you are working altogether, you are not great alone, it takes a crack team to make the business great, a great employee and then a mix of bad and mediocre, does not make a great business. If you have all the right people from the beginning they will be self-motivated and you will want to foster good motivation and good work habits. Good work habits and motivation are a part of the culture in a business. If you don’t care or one person doesn’t care it seems to catch on and the culture is quite diverse in a negative way. I found myself making questions about my business ideas whenever something new was mentioned, I would ask myself how do I do that or how do I become that. The very first question I came up with after the first few chapters was am I willing to be great or will I settle for less...

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