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Good To Great By Jim Collins

1277 words - 6 pages

Good to Great by Jim Collins is a book which illustrates an answer for the question whether a good company can turn into a great company. In this book, Jim Collins suggests the ways by which companies can outperform the market leaders. The author has certain list of companies like Abbot lab, Circuit city, Fannie Mae,Gillette,Kimberly Clarak,Kroger,Nucor steel, Philip Morris,Pitney Bowes,Walgreens and Wells Fargo. According to author good is the enemy of great and thatis why have little companies which are great. The author says that the transformation from good to great does no just happen. It needs to be built through process which with three broad stages. Jim Collins suggest some components in a company to have it achieve great levels
The following are the components needed for great company according to Jim Collins
Disciplined people
The surprising factor to achieve greatness. These disciplined people are leaders of a company who can reach heights with the paradoxical combination of professional will and personal humility. They are modest and give others credit freely with calm determination and bring ambition in the company. The key point of the author is not about importance of assembling a right team by getting the right people onboard in the bus. The author wants right people on the right seat and wrong people off the bus. And then giving out a proper strategic direction to these people to follow. However, the author says that people often attempts to accomplish things in the opposite order.

Disciplined thought
The disciplined thought means the need to confront facts that are brutal and continuously refine the path which lead to greatness. But one should not lose the faith and must prevail in the business. One must understand the reality whether it is good or bad. This can happen only if an open culture is installed in a company where truth can be discussed an atmosphere exists where different dialogues are welcome and dealt professionally. This is the stock dale paradox of the author. Another one is the hedgehog concept of transition from good to great. In that it is essential o understand three intersecting circles. 1) What you can be best at 2) what economic denominator boost your economic engine 3) what are you passionate about. In the next step, understanding must be changed in to concepts that can be executed.
Disciplined action
The good to great companies have a consistent system with much constraint but they give freedom and responsibility to the employees. They also thing differently about technology. They do not use technology in a way to transform good to great but to accelerate their progress, and concentrate on hedgehog. Collin claims that technology by itself is not a reason for greatness or decline. The author believes that patience, persistence and discipline are critical for achieving desired outcome in an organization.
The author actually did a five year research to find out the way to transform from good to...

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