Good Usage Is Simply Correct Grammar

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Good Usage is Simply Correct Grammar

What is good use? Does it even matter? Those are not easy questions to answer. Is good use just simply using correct grammar or is everyone who is using it just trying to speak above everyone else? What I mean by "trying to speak above others" is using large words, which you normally would not use, just to sound more intelligent than you actually are. I think the type of usage a person uses depends on the audience, the topic, and why the person is writing. Why does good usage have to involve more than just those items?

My answer to that question is that it does not. There are, in fact, many different types of good usage. There is good usage for friendly letters, resumes, cover letters, applications and etc. For instance, I would not write a letter to a friend and use the same type of language I would use in a paper for a professor. The letter would be more casual while the paper would be much more formal. If I wrote the personal letter in a formal way the reader would take one look at the letter and think I was just trying to impress someone. However, that does not mean that I am not using good usage in that letter. I still use correct grammar, check the punctuation, and check the spelling. That is what I consider good usage to be. As long as I still do those items isnít that okay for a friendly letter? My friend reading that letter does not want to have to look up every other word in the dictionary.

Now let's say I was writing a resume cover letter. I would not write something like ìHey, Iíd be a good asset to your companyî. Instead I would write something to the effect of ìI feel I could be a desired asset in your companyî. I would choose the second statement because it sounds more professional and that is what the employer wants to hear. Therefore I have to change my usage to conform to the audience and the topic of what is being written. Should I have to change my usage? That is a whole different story because nobody should have to change something about themselves just to please other people. However, if we want to be employed this is something we will just have to learn to deal with.

But just what is the point of good...

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