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Good versus Evil themes appear often in movies but I’m not talking about themes – I’m talking about the quality of them. People put labels upon movies such as good, decent, fine, nice, bad, horrible, okay, evil, and plenty of others but more times than ever, they mislabel the move as being too kind to it without even knowing the conditions of the movie’s budget or even give it a second thought. Effective movies (or “good” as most people say) contain the very similar things that ineffective (or “bad) movies contain; effective movies leave you with a better impression of it when it ends than when it starts while bad movies has the reaction from the start to finish or getting progressively ...view middle of the document...

Effective movies have plots but they still will have plot holes. Take Terminator Two for example, it was an effective movie but it did have a lot of flaws such as “if time travel only allows living tissue, how is it possible they sent a 100% mimetic-poly alloy terminator in the first place?” They are bound to have plot holes even if they are effective that doesn’t they don’t have failures in some minor parts – it doesn’t affect the entire movie’s performance unless you find plot holes every minute which is highly unlikely; movies will have effective plots that are easy to understand and it will not be confusing, it will straightforward as possible and with good plots will usually lead to sequels or even prequels to the movie.
Bad movies, we’ve all seen them. Grown Ups 2 was bad, Hanger Part 3 was bad, Scary Movie 5 was bad, and the list goes on indefinitely. These movies all have scenes were they set up a joke and try to move on from scene to scene, this is bad plot wise and often happens in “comedy” movies where it just becomes very annoying to watch. Movies like these have horrible plots and aren’t that funny which contributes to making it fail as it can’t even dominate in its own genre. The difference of these effective and ineffective movies are very visible sometimes not just bad dialogue in the scripts but sometimes the failure in good CGI will cause failure. The failure or success in CGI is great factor – this is modern day not prehistoric 1950s, they should have good CGI! – As it will cause things to look plain out stupid (darn you, Scorpion King from the Mummy Returns) the movie was a success in minor standards but it wasn’t that effective as the CGI did ruin the film by a notch. For the final reason, a good and effective movie will give you a longer lasting impression at the end (like the Avengers) which will give you a feeling of “can’t wait until the next Avengers” unlike the...

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