Good Vs. Bad Julius Ceasar Essay

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In the time of the ruling of Julius Caesar, all of the Romans loved most of Caesar's qualities. He was a good and popular leader and did a lot for the people. But some Romans had a problem with Caesar and plotted to kill him. These people were Brutus and Cassius. This started a civil war between the Romans. This war may have been prevented if Brutus and Cassius had done things a little differently. Cassius would have made a better leader rather than Brutus. Cassius also had more of a passion to kill Caesar. Brutus did not have the morals of a killer like Caesar did. As far as military strategy goes Cassius had the better brain for it. Brutus was not a very good military strategist. Cassius knew that it would be a good idea to kill Antony. He thought that Antony would talk the people into trying to kill Brutus and Cassius even though their intentions were good. But Brutus did not want to make it look like a blood bath. Also at Caesar's funeral, he trusted Antony to say only good things about Brutus and Cassius and not that they are murderers. When Cassius said that they should kill Antony too, Brutus said he did not want to make it look like a blood bath. He was vengeful and explosive. He argued with Brutus about lying, to the point where they threatened each others lives. Cassius said they should not march to Philippi because it would tire the troops out and they would not have the advantage of being in their own territory. On the other hand, Brutus thought that if they marched to Philippi they would catch Antony's troops off guard. Instead of doing what Brutus said, they should have listened to Cassius. Although they had different views on military plans, they did share some qualities. Both of them were naturally leaders. This is showed to be true because they both were senators and patricians. They plotted to kill Caesar together. They did this because they realized that Caesar should not be crowned king. Even though both found different ways to get it, neither of them had money to pay their troops. They put their objectives before their lives. Brutus put his love for the republic before his life. They were both enemies of Antony and realized that he had to be put to death. Cassius was envious of Caesar because he wanted the power that Caesar had. Though this was his only reason for wanting to kill Caesar, he was vengeful and had every intention of going through it without any second thoughts. But Brutus, being and honorable and trusting...

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