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Good Vs. Bad Leaders: A Healthcare Experience

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Self-Destruction Techniques
A large number of leaders have destructive narcissism traits. There is also healthy narcissism traits. These are the same categories of destructive narcissism, however, they are lessened and caused by self-confidence (Vecchio, 2007). When comparing the two leaders they both have narcissistic traits, one is considered healthy, while the other is considered destructive.
In the case of Mr. Smith, he does not show destructive narcissistic traits. This does not mean he does not show narcissistic traits. He has what Vecchio (2007) considers healthy narcissism. Mr. Smith has high outward self-confidence, is concerned about those around him, and follows through with ...view middle of the document...

She exploits those that may threaten her position within the organization. This will create a need to terminate that individual so the threat is no longer there, regardless if they are good for the organization or not. Finally, she continually wants wealth and power. This includes exploiting those around her to receive monitory rewards. She continually is pursuing wealth within the organization, as well as outside, and when the opportunity comes she will take it to boost her power and wealth, regardless of who she may step on during her conquest.
Reward Systems
Each leader will have their own rewards and punishment system. These systems may help to create a more complete team, ensure their subordinates are motivated or are doing the job they were hired for, or to keep subordinates happy within their positions. Each leader will have many different techniques they use. This is due to the differing personalities of their subordinates. Rewards and punishments are not a one size fits all. Each one should be customized to the individual it is be applied to. That is the case with the two leaders in this paper, each has their own rewards and punishment system. One of them is more creative than the other and will customize their rewards for the person.
Mr. Smith has created a reward system that makes his subordinates feel like they are part of a team that is essential to the laboratory system. This has reduced the overall turnaround of employees which has help to save time and money on training new employees. One of his techniques he uses is before he leaves every night he will ask each person if there is anything he can do for them. This allows for a one on one interaction so issues can be dealt with, and verbal rewards can be given. This also allows him to understand what each person expects of him, allowing his to create more customized rewards. He knows which individuals like public recognition and which like private recognition. This has allowed him to reward individuals based on their preference public, private, and with gifts. He also will change up his methods so they do not become routine and lose their reward value.
Ms. Hall has one rewards system. That is to give a card to the individual that is being rewarded. This system can work, but after being employed for many years, it has lost its motivational side. Many of her subordinates have begun to expect these cards on a weekly bases as she did not...

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