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Good Vs Evil Essay

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In this book, there exist a battle between good and evil in the main characters where we are bound to ask ourselves what is superior between good and evil? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are easily seen as an allegory of the evil and good that exists in men. The book depicts the struggle with two sides of the human personality. Since Mr. Hyde seems to be taking over Dr. Jekyll, one could claim that evil is stronger than good. Nevertheless, Mr. Hyde ends up dead at the end of the story, which strongly shows the weakness and the failure of evil, so we have to ask ourselves whether good can be separated from evil. “Great people are involved in bad things this is the fact of life, yet this does not ...view middle of the document...

Jekyll claims “man is not truly one, but truly two” therefore according to Dr. Jekyll’s opinion, every soul contains elements of both good and evil but is evil inside of him. As a highly respected member of the society and also an honorable Victorian gentleman, Dr. Jekyll cannot fulfill his evil desires. To satisfy and also separate the two parts he has to work to come up with a way to alienate it from his soul free his evil characteristic (Linehan pp 46).
Dr. Jekyll can be considered as a complete composite because he has a mixture of good and bad though Jekyll is not really transformed into Mr. Hyde. He always projects a concentrate of pure evil that becomes Mr. Hyde. Nevertheless rather than equalizing and separating these forces of good and evil, Dr. Jekyll’s side only allows his purely evils side to achieve strength. Surely Dr. Jekyll is a true combination of good and evil while Mr. Hyde is only a pure evil. There remains no pure way of strengthening or separating Dr. Jekyll’s pure goodness. Actually this cannot be done without counterbalancing his evil identity, Jekyll allows Mr. Hyde to be increasingly strong. These results to him take over entirely, and this perhaps may results in entire destruction of all pure goodness Dr. Jekyll have ever had in his life (Cresser N.P).
Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll are not the only provided examples of good and evil the London city is also made in contrasting terms, it is made to appear as a well kept, bustling center of commerce and both foggy, dreary, nightmarish place. Just as men have positive and negative qualities so, does the society. Theorist also have emphasized that though Stevenson makes a conclusion that man is not in fact, a purely dual being, but in his heart there is a primitive being, who is tamed and civilized by the laws that rule and protect the society. The author portrays Mr. Hyde in animalistic terms where he uses the words "short, hairy and like a troglodyte with gnarled hands and a horrific face". Contrary, Dr. Jekyll is described in the very gentlemanly terms where Stevenson says that he is tall, refined, polite and also honorable with long elegant fingers and a handsome appearance (Dury pp 2-4).
The theme of communication breakdown in the book is shown where characters demonstrate an inability to express themselves, choose to withhold important information. Giving the scenario in the first chapter where Mr. Enfield claims he does not want to share the name of a man who in the aim of avoiding gossip trampled a young girl. Due to the feeling that if the two discussed the topic in much more details would be more inappropriate for the parties involved, Mr. Hyde and Mr. Utterson ended up the conversation abruptly. Connectively, Mr. Utterson withholds relevant vital information from the police following sit Danvers Carew’s murder. He does this by choosing to keep Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll’s relationship as a secret. The silent and the secrets vividly confines of the moral nature of the...

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