Good Vs. Evil By Jumbo Moos An Analysis Using "A Seperate Peace" And "East Of Eden"

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"I did not cry then or ever about Finny. I did not cry even when I stood watching him being lowered into his family's strait-laced burial ground outside of Boston. I could not escape a feeling that this was my own funeral, and you do not cry in that case." Page 186, A Separate peace, by John KnowlesPhineas was dead and I could not cry. The cry was caught in my throat and I could not get it out. I could feel the tears hiding in their ducts laughing at my weakness. This was my funeral. Because in all ways, we are Phineas, optimistic, fantasizing, forgiving and athletic, and in all ways, we are Gene, paranoid, unworthy, indifferent, and self-centered. I shiver at the thought of myself as two inseparable entities, rarely recognized as being independent. In every moment, we are faced with this unseen battle with ourselves.Phineas is naturally graceful; in his walk, his talk, and his mind. The paragon for all best friends. Forgiving. Almost so forgiving as to be naïve. Almost perfect.Gene is everything we are. Every single person in this world is Gene. Sarcastic to hide our weakness, plotting, and untruthful, even to ourselves. Doing things for the wrong reasons.Is man inherently evil? As a child we knew as much of this Gene character as I do now. Brooding in my subconscious, selfish, and, yes, evil. Just the little things. Jealousy of his or her toys or accomplishments. Hungry for attention and praise. And selfish. Most of all selfish. I often think that there was no act done when we were children, that was not selfish. I was born selfish; no one could touch my mother without a yelp of frustration and warning from me. Do we hold on to these feelings of jealousy and hate because they are the most natural to us, because we knew them first as children?Both my Gene and my Phineas have been watered down. Gene's potency barely perceptible to even myself, and Phineas munificence as obvious as a grain of salt in a lake of water. Gene never meant to kill Phineas, and Phineas never meant to be killed, but Gene had the choice in the matter."And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou mayest rule over him." Genesis Chapter 4"There are many millions in their sects and churches who feel the order, 'Do thou,' and throw their weight into obedience. And there are millions more who feel predestination in 'Thou shalt.'...

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746 words - 3 pages According to today a father's love is unconditional, a father loves his child because he/she is his child. In East of Eden, Steinbeck chooses to represent a father's love as conditional. A father's love must be competed for and literally won. This type of love is represented by one family in this novel but is made an example of in two generations. The Trask family is this family. Cyrus has his two sons: Charles and Adam, later in the story Adam

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