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‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ By Michelle Magorian

952 words - 4 pages

The chapter we chose to write about was 22, 'Grieving' because it was very moving. In this chapter William tries to bottle up his feelings about Zach's death and Geoffrey seems to understand Will's grief. It is also William's first Christmas with Mr Tom, so they make homemade toys for incoming evacuees, due to increased bomb raids in London. Will also learns from Geoffrey that 'he can live without Zach, even though he still misses him’ as Will discovers that Geoffrey lost a friend while fighting in the war and learns to overcome his grief.
‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Magorian is about a small boy named William Beech, who is evacuated from London during WW2. He is evacuated to a village called Little Weirwold, where he stays with an old man called Tom Oakley. William starts out as a nervous, shy boy and slowly grows more confident. His progress is then shattered when he returns to London to his abusive mother who ties him and his new baby sister to a pipe in a cupboard. Mr Tom gets worried when Will doesn’t write, so he goes to London to rescue him. Will returns to Little Weirwold and overcomes his trauma. After an enjoyable holiday with Will and Tom, Zach goes back to London and is killed. Will eventually comes to terms with it and decides he can be perfectly happy with Mr Tom, but still miss Zach.
In our group, we chose chapter 22, ‘Grieving’. It is in this chapter that he starts to deal with the death of his best friend Zach, which was mentioned at the end of chapter 21. At the start of the chapter Will is in a zombie-like phase, feeling like half of him was missing. He avoided everything that reminded him of Zach, like the Littles’ cottages, and Geoffrey’s art lessons. It was at Spooky Cott., that something twigged inside him. A picture of Geoffrey and his best his best friend who died in the war, made him realise accepting it was better than forgetting Zach ever existed, but Will didn’t want to hear it. It was when Will decided to learn to ride Zach’s bike, that he really started recovering. Will started to act like Zach by playing Captain Hook in the play, instead of Peter Pan, which was the role he was originally offered. It was then that he thought he could live without Zach, but still miss him.
When Will was in the first stages of grieving, he acted zombie-like, which made him feel ‘Without Zach, he was only half a life’ . I think this is a good way to describe how Will is feeling because it really shows just how close they were, so close that he felt he wasn’t...

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