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Goodwill Easter Seals: Case Study Of Organizational Architecture

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Goodwill Industries / Easter Seals of the Gulf Coast, Inc. is a non-profit, 501c(3) organization. Its mission statement is “Together, we empower people through education, encouragement, and employment ("Goodwill easter seals," 2013.)” During fiscal year 2013, Goodwill Easter Seals served over 10,000 individuals Southwest Alabama and Northwest Florida. Goodwill Easter Seals has three strategic business units, Mission Services, Industrial Services and Donated Goods Retail, each with its own structure and competitors.
The Mission Services unit delivers services directly to people with disabilities and people who are experiencing barriers to employment or full enjoyment of life. These services include training in life skills needed for work, education ranging from basic math and reading skills to GED preparation and testing, and services for the family that include child care, medical equipment, and occupational therapy. Mission Services are funded by grants, government contracts, fundraising, and internal funding.
The Industrial Services unit provides a direct employment opportunity to people with disabilities by engaging in specific types of businesses, such as janitorial, packaging, assembly and document destruction. Industrial Service contracts generally have government customers with a mandate to increase employment of people with disabilities.
Donated Goods Retail creates direct job opportunities for people with or without a disability. Goodwill Easter Seals operates fifteen stores and 27 locations where donations are accepted. In fiscal year 2013, the Donated Goods unit generated $16 million in sales, served over 1 million customers, collected over 330,000 donations, and employed over 300 people. The Donated Goods unit is completely funded by donations from the public, and delivers the surplus of operations to Mission Services.
Goodwill Easter Seals has a functional organizational structure (see Figure 1). Because the nature of each strategic business unit is so different in terms of structure, job design, compensation, and agency issues, this paper examines only Donated Goods, the largest of the units.

Figure 1 - GES Structure
Structure of Goodwill Easter Seals Donated Goods
The structure of the Donated Goods unit is best described as both geographic and functional. Functional areas within the unit are donation acquisition, transportation, retail processing and selling, and post-retail processing and selling (see Appendix A). Each location has its own manager, except for stand-alone donation centers, which are combined into two geographic hubs, each with its own manager. The overall unit is a functional structure, with two Assistant Vice-Presidents reporting to the Vice President of Donated Goods (See Figure 2).

Figure 2
The Retail Stores Function is geographical, with each store manager responsible for all functions within the store, reporting to the Assistant Vice President of Store Operations...

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