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Google And China Essay

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In 2006, Google made a deal with the People’s Republic of China to launch, a modified version of the American Google search engine. Because of Chinese censorship laws, Google was required to become an Internet service provider in China, as well as censor search results in order to remove any results that are considered illegal in China (Wilson). This means that Google was implying that the vision for their company could comply with the self-censorship laws in China, however, being an American company, they received much criticism about whether their decision was ethical.
A factor in Google’s extreme success was the fact that they provided many more services than just a search ...view middle of the document...

Another key motive is found in Google’s mission statement: “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” (Wilson). I think that based on these motives, Google was right to enter the Chinese market, even though they were forced to censor the results in searches, it is one step closer for Chinese citizens to gaining the knowledge that I think all people should have access to.
Many of the questions Google’s CEO was faced with were regarding censorship in’s search results. Pressure was put on the company to bring up censorship to the Chinese government, as well as pressure them to end their policies on censorship. The CEO responded by saying, “I think it’s arrogant for us to walk into a country where we are just beginning operations and tell that country how to run itself.” This shows that Google understands and respect other country’s rights to govern themselves as they choose. This also shows that Google respects China’s differing views on ethics and believes that it isn’t their place to try to change that. This can be further seen in the fact that Google still has not attempted to change censorship laws in China, except telling users that their results have been censored.
In 2010, Google closed its doors on due to censorship issues as well as...

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