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Google And Human Brain Essay

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The Internet has created a generation of the most efficient multi-taskers ever born. Many people will have at least four tabs open as a time (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Pandora, Wikipedia, Gmail, etc.). People are constantly jumping from one web page to the next, clicking on links and opening new tabs and browsers. The method through which knowledge is gained has transitioned from deep reading to fast skimming. Every time a web page is opened the viewer is bombarded with information, almost every page has advertisements or links to additional information lining its sides. The Internet has made mountains of information available to almost anyone. It is fast and easy to find information and facts. Essentially the Internet has become the fast food of knowledge. It is convenient but it skips the element of effort.
Nicholas Carr (a renowned author who has written extensively on this subject), reported in his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” cases of very intelligent, well educated people who have begun to notice a change in the way they think and study. These people are experiencing an increasing difficulty in remaining focused for long periods of time or while reading a work longer than a few pages. It’s as if mankind is being programmed to click on any link of button it is presented with and, more importantly, to look for them, even when they aren’t there. Human brains seem to be transitioning away from the careful, deeply focused mentality of an archer’s brain to the lively, constantly moving focus of a juggler’s brain.
Search engines, specifically Google, have probably contributed more to the distribution of knowledge than any other invention since the creation of the printing press. Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were attending graduate school at Stanford University (Carr 741). The success of the Google search engine was wholly unexpected and took technology super powers such as Microsoft completely off guard (Levy, Stone, and Suciu). In the short time period of six years Google has become one of the most famous and efficient search engines available.
As mentioned in Steven Levy, Brad Stone, and Peter Suciu’s article "All Eyes On Google,” “Google [has] very famously become a verb,” and is the only search engine to have done so (Levy, Stone, and Suciu). As Nicholas Carr wrote (and I’m sure all writers, students, and business men and women would agree), “The Web has been a godsend to me as a writer. Research that once required days . . . can now be done in minutes” (Carr 733). In short, Google isn’t going anywhere. In 2013 the “search revenues are [projected to be] under $4 billion. . . (about a billion of that is Google's)” (Levy, Stone, Suciu). Google has become such a powerful source of information that “[i]f you're not indexed by Google, you pretty much don't exist” (Levy, Stone, and Suciu). In short, Google isn’t going anywhere. Human beings naturally seek to save energy by taking the easier option....

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