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Google Company And The World Essay

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1. Thesis
Through the work performed by Google Company, the world has been able to experience evolution. This is because of services and information that has been made available to many people all over the world. Google was once the only source that most people relied on for online research (Lee, Newton 2013). Many people, all the same benefited from this procedure. Computer users on the other hand thought that there would develop malware sites, which the search engine may link to. There are many software designers who are not of good will. It was thought that these people would create malware sites and disrupt the major activities and objectives of the organization. In the present, little concern is placed to the invasion of privacy by a third party website. This is because electronic devices have become encrypted and they come with quite reliable software, which can be used for detecting and providing protection from malware (Lee, Newton 2013). Google has grown from a search engine to become a developing and acquiring headquarters for computing devices and software. Consumers today have acquired a digital lifestyle. Google has dominated sources of tools for almost all tasks that could be desired by any user. In a set editorial that was found on wiki leaks, Julian Assage discusses information that was gathered through an interview with the former CEO to Google, Eric Shmidt. In this work, we will use Julian Assage's editorial as a source to enable us evaluate what Google could be hiding from its users. This paper will enable us to see if the level of privacy offered by Google is appreciable. We will be asking ourselves a question on whether it is true that Google to some extent invades the privacy of its customers. This will be done through reviewing of sources that have been written on this topic by various writers. We will consider the different perspectives from which this issue has been discussed by various research agents. From reading various sources and analyzing their opinions, we will be able to come up with a conclusion that is varied.
2. Casual analysis
I) According to the research that has been conducted in this topic, it has been observed that there was once a time when Google was caught having bypassed the privacy settings and policies for apple's safari web browser (Snyder, S 2007). Google relies on cookie files to improve ad relevance for identifying users. By doing this, the levels of control and privacy attached to the services delivered at these places are highly compromised. This action is actually against the law and it would not be advocated for such an organization.
II) Friday broke the story of the war street journal. This was part of investigating the online privacy.
Google together with other advertising companies were reported to have exploited a loophole in the browsers' privacy settings (Lo, Janet 2009). They did this so as to be able to place a cookie file on OS X and IOS devices like iPhones that used safari. If...

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