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Google Company Case Study

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1.0 Introduction
Overall this case study about HR issues occurs in Google’s among the employees and employers. Besides that it also explains about causes, solutions and implementation taken by the Google to cope with the issues. There are few issues occurs in Google are Ineffective working environment, High job requirement, Rising tide of retirements, Challenge in recruitment and Difficulties in culture adaptation. Beside that the causes to the issues are Overnight Operation, Selection focus on merit, early retirement, Challenge in hiring the right person and Complication to fit its policy and benefits. The solutions taken is provide package of services and financial benefits, revised selection criteria, Stock option given to seniorities, Crowd sourcing and Global Human Resource Network. The solution taken had been implemented in Google’s using following implementation benefits according to experience, Diversity Hiring, Restructure of remuneration package, Google Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Form a Global Human Resource Planning Team. The issues, causes, solutions and implementation are explained briefly in the following chapter.
Moreover there are current issues about HR policies and practises, such as “Monster Malaysia Redefines the Way Employers Search for Talent” (Modi, 2012), where monster Malaysia come out with new application (refer figure 1) which can found the candidates for a job vacancy. Besides that a survey of 405 employees in Malaysia also found that 64% of respondents believe there will be a lack of highly qualified staff in next three years and nearly 40% believe their present employer is not spending appropriately in additional career training and education. More than 54% of employees in Malaysia believe they are overqualified for their existing roles. Besides that in Hong Kong (78%) and India (82%) many employees specify that their job is a good match with their educational background. Besides that in Denmark (80%) and Norway (68%) most employees have a right job. In Sweden however is at the low end of countries with a good match in terms of studies (60%). This survey is according to the Randstad Work monitor Report for Q3 2012 released recently (Randstad Workmonitor wave, 2012). Moreover in Europe Immigration ‘central’ to maintaining young EU workforce, where Immigrant workers are important in sustaining Europe’s workforce as the European Union is set to lose a sixth of its young workers by 2025, according to a think tank report(Newdesk, 2013).

2.0 Background of the company

Google is founded in year 1998, the founder of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They built search engine called “Google” a play on the word “Googol”. Google Inc. incorporated on October 22 2002, as global technology company. The company primary business is search engine, advertising, operating systems and platforms, enterprise and hardware products. Google provide its products and service in more than 100 languages and in more than 50...

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